3 Tips For Reducing Food Waste at Home

Are you willing to reduce your waste, which is coming mainly from throwing away food? If the answer is yes, then you will find this article helpful. Keep reading to learn some tricks on reducing the waste. 

This article contains 3 smart ways which you can use when trying to live with less waste. You will have to change the way you think and be creative about the ways you can repurpose food. Other than that, given the right tools and some willingness to succeed, you will be able to see a big difference in the amount of trash you are producing. Are you ready to get started?  

Make stock

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You can make stock out of pretty much anything – bones or vegetables. You can put both raw and cooked bones. The high temperature of the water will eliminate any germs. If you have any leftover carrot peels, celery and fennel fronds, mushroom stems, limp parsley, zucchini ends, broccoli stalks, and others, you can also add them and make a delicious stock. Not every day is the time for stock so then the freezer comes in handy – put the leftovers in some containers and freeze them. Once you feel like making stock again you will have everything you need just waiting for you. You will see that the result will be amazing. Once you are really done using those leftovers, you can place them in a solar compost. 

Use your freezer

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You might have already used the freezer for the stock that was already mentioned. If you want to cut down on waste it is a good idea to make a habit of freezing some foods. You should also put a label with the date when it was freezed. You can use any containers, bags or jars for this purpose. If you can see that the time for a certain product is running out and it will be spoiled before you get the chance to consume it, simply put it in the freezer. You can start shopping in bulk using this method since you can freeze most of it and have it ready for soups at any given moment. In this way you will be also saving some money when shopping. You can make breadcrumbs out of the stale bread and freeze them, as well as use the freezer for saving the  rice, milk, butter, and eggs.

Learn key recipes

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Knowing some important recipes will save you from producing a lot of waste. By educating yourself you will be able to use the surplus or the ingredients which will be expiring soon. A couple of ideas are to learn how to cook minestrone, spicy vegetable chili, noodle-and-veg stir-fry and many others.  Save the needed ingredients so that you can make some of those recipes at any given moment. Those products are canned tomatoes, pasta, chili powder, canned beans, and more. Some other good ways to use the ingredients you have laying around are to make soup, pilaf, and risotto.

Sauces made from limp herbs and greens are always great, and they are quite universal – you can place on pizzas or omelettes.  Some ideas on how to repurpose and use what you have left are for instance, stale naan will make a great cheese pizza, you can fry stale tortillas and make tostadas. As for bread – you can make cheese toasts for soup. If you have some leftover wine you can use it for cooking or turn it into wine vinegar. Sour milk could be used when baking muffins or pancakes. Mold on cheese could be cut off and the rest goes great on pizzas.