5 Amazing Brands that Use Post-Consumer and Recycled Waste

It is a fascinating idea to turn someone’s trash into a beautiful piece of clothing that could be worn again. There are many brands out there that are using waste and recycling in order to create new products. It is just amazing to see the ways in which a company can prolong the life of an item. Getting to know the history behind the items is even cooler. You might be surprised to learn that your T-shirt has been made out of plastic bottles. The technologies used nowadays are so advanced that you will never be able to tell the difference between a product made out of recycled waste and your regular one. Here is a list of 5 brands that you should definitely check out.


Nalgene Outdoor

Materials: Polyester & Plastic Bottles, Recycled Cotton 

This brand uses eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp, organic & recycled cotton, and TENCEL to make their cozy products. They want to use only 100% recycled polyester by 2021. The dyes used are eco-friendly as well as the packaging. The brand is not fully organic yet but they are working on it every day. The website is awesome because it lets you shop by fabric type so you know what you are purchasing!


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Materials: Brass, Wool, Polyester, Recycled Cotton, 

This brand offers a wide variety of products from recycled materials. Some of the items are jackets made from rescued deadstock skins, upcycled post-production waste, and repurposed vintage clothing. They are trying to be sustainable in all business operations – from the fibers used and the manufacturing processes to the treatment of the workers, the delivery, and the recycling afterward.



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Materials: Gold and Recycled Silver  

This company has been inspired by Ethiopia and the beautiful dances showing the balance between the simple and the complex. Another inspiration comes from nature and the techniques and textures try to resemble that. The 14k gold-filled wire and recycled sterling silver come from a company that is taking scraps from artisans and creating new materials for other brands like his one to use.  


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Materials: Rubber, Paper, Recycled Plastic, and others

This is an eco-friendly online marketplace and it includes hundreds of brands. Most of those are using recycled materials in order to create new products.

There is some amazing stuff on the website that is great for your home workspace, so you should definitely check them out.



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Materials: Metals, Water Bottles, Recycled Cotton, 

Another online marketplace that consists of a lot of amazing eco-friendly brands is Ecovibe. There is a section with recycled materials that are suitable for your home and closet. The brand aims to be transparent about the origin of the products, the materials they are made of, and the way they are produced. It supports minority, local designers, women, family-owned businesses, and small manufacturers. It is an awesome website to further explore.