5 Companies with Awesome Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Brands all around the world are becoming more sustainable – many are trying to reduce waste, others are limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Whatever they are doing, it is a step in the right direction. A lot of companies have started using sustainable materials when manufacturing, limiting the consumption of energy, and recycling. Here are 5 brands that have amazing initiatives when it comes to making the world a better place and preserving nature. 


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Salesforce is a CRM company, which has launched the Step Up Declaration challenge which focuses on helping the climate.

It consists of using new technologies which will assist the reduction of emissions. The company has made commitments to being more eco-friendly and has announced a significant renewable energy agreement, stating that they will try to be using only renewable power by 2022. Salesforce aims to integrate green building practices, partner with suppliers in order to reduce emissions, be environmentally innovative in San Francisco


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The brand has launched a line of sustainable products. They are made of materials like recycled polyester. Nike has also been using renewable energy for manufacturing. With the Nike Grind Program it removes waste by taking used athletic shoes that are with nonrecyclable materials. They are after that reused for parts for making sneakers and some other items. The cardboard box is also a signature for Nike. It is from 100% recycled content and it has used 30% less material to make. The end result is just wonderful.


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Big tech companies might not seem like the most eco-friendly ones. However, Apple has been trying to reduce its impact on the climate, preserve resources and use safer materials. The brand has created wind and solar farms in order to be able to power the data centers, offices and stores. It has increased the production efficiency, with the help of renewable energy and by creating more long-lasting products. Apple has also improved its testing labs, ensuring products are safe. 

Burt’s Bees

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Burt’s Bees has committed to creating zero waste by recycling, waste-to-energy bins and composting. It has also been trying to save electricity and water by using efficient production equipment, energy-efficient lighting and software for resource management. Their products include natural ingredients like herbs, botanical oils and beeswax. 


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Disney is a leader in this category. It has strict policies regarding greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also striving to limit the consumption of water and electricity, which in turn will also reduce the gas emissions. The brand uses technology to save water and limit its footprint during distribution and manufacturing. The company aims to be zero waste and to have a positive environmental impact.

The Time Has Come For All Brand To Become More Sustainable 

All organizations should reflect on their operations and on what could be done in order to help the environment. It might be connected to cutting down on the materials that are used during manufacturing or recycling more waste – every company should try to make some changes and become better.