Here’s How to Celebrate Christmas or Holiday in an Eco-friendly Way

Christmas is about happiness. Let everyone be happy. Let’s not build significant long-term problems for small temporary celebrations. You don’t need the stuff to spread happiness. Many of us damage the world every Christmas season. Individuals like us waste more than we can control; every single individual counts.

If we change some of our habits, we can also have a truly eco-friendly Christmas. We all share one house, and it can’t be replaced. If you play right, it will create a change. Here’s what you can do to be part of an eco-friendly Christmas celebration.

Grow a Christmas Tree

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It’s a tradition that most of us can’t ignore. You can grow trees and decorate them. You needn’t cut them, though. Instead of going to the market paying for killing a tree, why not grow your tree in a pot or house lawn. You should decorate it every Christmas. When you’d raise it yourself, it’ll feel like the tree is still part of your family. What better way to spread happiness?

Cook Only What You Can Eat

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According to a study, about two million Turkeys are wasted every Christmas in the UK only. The amount of discarded pies and puddings are also greater. Do you know who’s it? You, me, people like us. An easy solution is to prepare only what we can eat. UK people have chosen to take action for this waste problem. 


Re-Gift Your Gifts


You will have something in your house to give as a gift. Give it if you don’t need it. To purchase new presents, more things will be made, and each gift’s manufacturing process leaves an environmental impact. You can use unwanted items by re-gifting them.

An Email instead of Postcard

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Know where 1.5 billion cards end every year? In the garbage. If you don’t know, the postcard is made of paper from trees and plants. The production process has an environmental toll. You want to wish a happy Christmas, it’s understandable, but no rule ties you through a card. Using apps, email your wishes to make a positive impact.


Experience for a Product

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Instead of offering another sweater or toy, consider a Christmas experience gift. An ‘experience makes the recipient happier. You can bring your child to an amusement park and take adults on an adventure like skydiving (or something less daring). It depends on what recipient personality they will enjoy as a gift. Whatever you offer, it’s at least better than a sweater.

With these easy tips, you can enjoy a holiday season that makes the world around you more positive and spread more joy.