How to Prepare Your House For the Wintertime?

Winter is time to do some adjustments to your house. In this way, you will be able to protect yourself from the harsh elements, but be more comfortable.

Here are some ideas on how to achieve that easily. You should know that it is best if you start early.

Add a Heater

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This is obvious, but if you don’t want to be super cold during the winter months. You should look for an electric heater if you want to save energy. You can choose between floor heating, electric or hot water systems, baseboard heating – it depends on what suits you best.

Don’t go over your budget – think in the long run – even if it might seem expensive now, it could be saving you a lot of money in the future. For instance, programmable heaters are costly but you get your money worth back because of the energy you are saving.

Get a Humidifier

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When everything outside is frozen, the air inside usually gets very dry. The efficiency of your heating system is reduced and the incorrect humidity level can damage your home. The air could also feel cooler which will make you turn up the heater. The ideal humidity levels are around 30% and 45%.

Prepare the Fireplace

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You should also pay attention to the fireplace. During the winter you will want to use it, but if it is not cleaned it will cause you problems. It is best to call a professional since it could be dangerous. A good idea is to also top the chimney in order to avoid rodents and birds. 

Inspect the Furnace

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As the winter approaches, you should contact a HVAC professional and have your furnace inspection. You might have to clean the ducts and residue. It is best if you purchase enough filters and change them monthly. If your thermostat is non-programmable, you might want to upgrade. This will allow you to set the temperature for the winter and be notified when it is time to change the filters.

Check the Windows and Doors

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It helps you stay healthy and saves you money. If there are cracks in the windows and the doors are not sealed, you could lose a lot of heat. In turn the heater will work more so that it could bring back up the temperature. Replace any glass with cracks in it. Check the basement as well. Put plastic shields on the windowsills since there still might be a bit of heat escaping.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

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If there is no reverse switch, you might want to purchase a new ceiling fan. We all know that hot air rises and stays at the ceiling. If you turn on the ceiling fan, it will push the warm air back into the room. After that you might be able to turn the thermostat down and save some energy.

Insulate the Pipes

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There might be a lot of uninsulated pipes around the house. If the weather is too cold they might freeze up and burst. This will have horrible consequences. Put some foam tuber sleeves and prevent this from happening. You will also lose less heat because of the insulation.

Prepare Your Air Conditioning

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You should prepare the air conditioner for winter as well. Most people don’t use it during the cold months so you should protect it while it is not turned on. Firstly, you should drain the hose which will prevent freezing. You should also remove any water gathered in the drain pan. It is best to put a cover in order to protect it from snow, water, and dust.