The Best Ethical Fashion Brands When You Are A Budget

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Fast fashion is very widespread and a lot of people take advantage of the cheap pieces. However, these items get worn out only after a couple of times and you will soon have to throw them away. If you want to shop from ethical brands you might notice that in most places the prices are pretty high. In this article you will find a lint of companies which are affordable and ethical. Clothing should make us look and feel good without costing that much.


  • $ | under $25
  • $$ | Between $25–$50
  • $$$ | Between $50–$80 
  • $$$$ | over $80


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Ethics | recyclable packaging, fair wages, ethical trading, gives back, 

Product Range | accessories, apparel for adults, children & babies 

Price Range | $$$–$$$$ (there are also sales)


This is one of the most popular and loved sustainable brands. It was founded more than 25 years ago and it offers a wide range of items. The whole family could shop from it, no matter where you are located – they ship worldwide. There are options for babies, children and adults. The packaging is recyclable and recycled. This brand might become your favorite when it comes to sustainable and inexpensive fashion.


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Ethics | safe & fair labor standards, organic, B Corp, gives back

Product Range | Adult basics made from cotton 

Price Range | $$–$$$ 


Their clothes are super soft and breathable. They are made from Egyptian cotton, and you will be able to find some amazing wardrobe staples produced ethically and considering the environment. The brand is partnering with farmers and pays them well for the cotton. It is also helping suppliers go organic. Each piece is very comfortable and the quality is high.


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Ethics | fair trade, eco-friendly, organic, GOTS Certified 

Product Range | Adult & children’s clothing

Price Range | $-$$

If you are looking for very soft basic pieces which will last you for a long time, you should check this brand out. Their products are organic, and the whole family can shop from them. The pieces are GOTS Certified and look super flattering on the body. The prices are excellent and in return you will be getting comfortable and high quality clothing. Win-win!


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Ethics | fair wages, gives back, organic bamboo, nontoxic 

Product Range | underwear, babywear, loungewear, activewear 

Price Range | $–$$$

If you need to get a new bodysuit or some leggings, this brand is the perfect one. Their products are made of organically grown bamboo. There are no chemical pesticides and the bamboo is grown in China. The pieces are hypoallergenic, very breathable and soft. They are also big in giving back – you can purchase their Giving Bracelet and the whole profits will be given to different foundations.

Happy Earth

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Ethics | carbon neutral, gives back, organic, ethically made

Product Range | activewear, headwear, adult apparel, accessories

Price Range | $-$$

The main goal of this brand is looking after the planet. It uses only organic and sustainable materials, the packaging is recyclable and recycled, the clients are encouraged to donate with each purchase. The products are ethically made and you can help fight the climate crisis, plant a tree or provide food to someone who needs it with every piece you buy. This is an amazing thing to be able to do so you should definitely check them out!

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