These 5 Easy Ways Guarantee You Less Energy Consumption

This article includes 5 tips on how to save some money and reduce the energy that you are using in order to help the environment. Now is the time to think about the way you are consuming and try living more eco-friendly. 

Insulation is crucial

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This may be an obvious one, but making sure that your house is well-insulated is an awesome place to start and analyze where you are losing heat. The device Portable Thermal Infrared Imager takes thermal pictures and helps you figure it out

Windows can be improved by fitting Low-E glass as well. The devices are not that expensive and are super effective. You will gain a completely new understanding of how your house stores heat. 

Get a new boiler


The old boilers are not energy efficient. Getting a new one will be helpful. The modern ones go up to 90% efficiency compared to 55% in old ones. Taking a 3-bedroom house as an example, the annual gas output would cost around £1,002. Getting a better boiler could save you around £400! Great, right! The cost and the amount that could be saved vary depending on the size of the house or the apartment. 


A multi – fuel boiler is the way to go

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Multi-Fuel boilers look super modern and they can have a back boiler that gives you hot water. There are different types, using a variety of fuels – logs, wood pellets, or others. They can give off quite a lot of smoke so you should check whether you are in a suitable area. In case you have some excess heat you can keep it in a thermal store which can then give you hot water and heating when the boiler is turned off.

Get a Heat Pump in order to generate free heat


This is the opposite of the refrigerator. The heat pumps are very efficient since they are using external sources of heat and then multiply the collected energy. 1kW can be turned to 2kW from outside and provide you with 3kW internally.


Collect the heat from the sun

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The sun will always be there so why not use the heat that it is emitting for free? This is an inexpensive and easy way to heat your home. In case you have some windows facing south or south-west you can put matt black blinds. They will collect the radiation from the sun and turn it into heat for your house. Using a heat exchanger you can suck the heat from the room and utilize it for hot water. The same applied during winter too. Such mats are available online and don’t take a lot of space when they are not necessary. You just have to roll them up and put them in storage. Once you divide that it is time to put them on again, the whole process will be quick and simple.