Top Books Collection For A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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Are you a book lover? You should always find some time and read for fun and not just for work or school. It’s a good idea to have a mix – some leisure and others – more environmental. Here you will find something like a book club so that you will finally start reading more as you have always wanted.

How will it work?

There will be a book suggestion every two months. At the end of this period we could organize a chat online and discuss the book. You will be able to share what struck you, whether you enjoyed it or not and hear the opinion of others. I promise, it will be very fun!

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What kind of books will there be?

The list will be full of awesome books about the environment! They will touch on different spheres like health, fashion, minimalism and so much more. 

All of them will give suggestions about what you can do and not just describe a problem. 

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Should I purchase the included in the list books?

No. There will be links for each book and it is your choice whether you purchase it or not. You might prefer audio books, physical copies or using a digital reader – it is totally up to you! 

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How can I sign up?

Joining my mailing list is a great way of staying informed about the chats and books. Once you have signed up, you will also get access to my private Facebook group. There you will find discussions on the most suitable for everybody time for scheduling the calls. 

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What book are you reading at the moment?

We will be organizing a meeting in November and the book that will be discussed is called All We Can Save. It is a collection of poems, essays and some art from women who are concerned with the climate. It is a great approach for understanding more about the issue and reading the world of so many different individuals. What you can take from this book are some insights and ideas regarding the current situation. 

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What were the books you have already read?

For the first two months of this year the book was Estogeneration. It is about the endocrine disruptors which happen to be in so many different items – cosmetics, plastic or cleaning products. It was very informative and it was helpful when trying to start living with zero waste. 


The book for March and April was Sustainability: A History. It was such an amazing book about the origin of the eco-friendly lifestyle, how it has evolved and has been applied in the past. It is not like a textbook with nothing but dry information – just the opposite – it’s informative and entertaining.

I just love the book for May and June! It is called Braiding Sweetgrass and it is a love story, dedicated to Earth. The author focuses on the idea of hearing the languages of others in order to be able to comprehend the generosity of the Earth and give back. 

The book for July and August was Story of Stuff which focuses on, you might have guessed it, stuff. It explains the manufacturing processes and advertising, as well as how consumerism is damaging the environment. Knowing how each step affects the climate is a good way to know what actions you can take to help.

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