What Smart Products are Available For Your Home?

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If you are thinking of making your home smart, then this article is for you. The concept of intelligent building is not new – it dates back to the 1930’s, and it was introduced on the World’s Fair venues.

In the past we used to see doors in movies open by command or lights being switched off only with a click of the fingers. A lot of people are now aware of the benefits and capabilities of today’s smart technology, but do you know what is available on the market right now? 

What is available?


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This means that you will be able to see the information from the lighting in your home on an user interface – it could be on your TV, phone or tablet. The fixtures could be controlled by just pressing one button. You can make the outdoor lights turn off from your bedroom. These systems also allow you to have a setting that turns off all of the lights in the house at the same time. It is very helpful if you have forgotten to turn them off when leaving for work. 

Lighting products (switches, bulbs, dimmers, etc.) 

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This is a good place to start if you are trying to have a smart home. They are easy to install and not that expensive. You can get a lighting starter kit which includes some bulbs, plug-in modules or switches and an interface panel or a remote control. Some of them go as low as around £60



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This is very useful and helps you save a lot of energy. Your home will be warm only when it needs to be. You can analyze your patterns of consumption and plan accordingly. The thermostats connect to Wi-Fi and allow you to control when the heating is turned off and on. You can start it a bit before coming home, or stop it if you have forgotten it when leaving for vacation or work. You can also set an automated schedule. You can look up Nest and Hive, which are the most popular ones. The latter also makes window and door sensors which trigger the heating to turn on when a door opens, for example. Using Geolocation, it could also figure out when you are out of the house and have forgotten the heating and remind you to turn it off. 

Home Security

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This is also an amazing idea for incorporating smart technology in your home. Automating your home security allows you to receive information no matter where you are. You can get a notification if there is unauthorised access to your house. If you have also installed cameras, the system will show you the image of the nearest one on your phone. If you have a keyless entry, you can lock or unlock your house from anywhere. Another great option is linking your lighting to the security system. This means that you could have your hall lights turn on when the front door is unlocked and vice versa. If you add a smart doorbell which includes a camera, you will be able to see, speak to or hear whoever is at your door from anywhere.  

Smart Plugs/Appliances

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Getting a smart plug makes everything you plug in it smart – your current appliances included. In this way you will be able to control them from anywhere. You can turn on your coffee machine when you wake up and you are still in bed, for example. The Amazon Smart Plug might be the best one on the market right now. Some plugs will also show you your consumption and help you reduce it.

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